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Podcast Guest Spot - Monetizing and Utilizing Wireless Frequencies with Gary Pennington

Listen to Charleston's "The Shrimp Tank" podcast with Erik Elkin where he and guest Attorney Gary Pennington discuss his backstory, his career, and the future of wireless communications. Click this video to see a preview of what they talk about.

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In-Building Agreements- A Path Forward for the Middle Enterprise

This is my final article on in-building connectivity issues. The focus is a suggested path forward for the deployment of new in-building systems in the Middle Enterprise. I outline the steps the Middle Enterprise may take to achieve the best in-building technology result.

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In-Building Agreements – Needed Change

This is my second article on in building connectivity issues published in Connected Real Estate Magazine. The focus of this article is the needed change by venue owners, third party operators, and the wireless carriers in their approach to legal agreements to expedite the deployment of in-building connectivity systems in the middle enterprise space.

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In- Building Connectivity

Wireless infrastructure deployment will continue to grow in the middle enterprise space. In-building connectivity in all types of public venues will become paramount. There will be many players with diverse interests, various ownership models, and evolving economic models as the pace of in-building connectivity continues to grow.

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