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Small Wireless Facilities in the Public Rights of Way Attorneys

Pennington Law Firm has a long and diversified practice for the deployment of wireless infrastructure and technology, commercial real estate transactions, zoning and land use planning, drafting zoning ordinances related to wireless infrastructure, outdoor and in-building connectivity agreements, utility and fiber agreements, pole attachment agreements, easements for the use of the public rights of way, broadband deployment, easement agreements for electrical utilities, software agreements for technology companies, enterprise telecom agreements for the delivery of telecom services, FCC Rules and Regulations, the Telecom Act, the Spectrum Act, NEPA requirements, and general commercial transactions.

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This wide range of experience has positioned the Pennington Law Firm to be able to quickly advise and assist clients with all of the various land use and zoning impediments, State and local legal frameworks for use of the public rights of way, utility agreements, pole attachment agreements, fiber agreements, and various but unexpected impediments regarding the deploying small wireless facilities and other wireless infrastructure in the public rights of way.

Pennington Law Firm stays informed of the changing regulatory environment on all levels, including all actions taken by the FCC on this issue.

Pennington Law Firm has also represented local governments in their efforts to create regulatory frameworks and procedures to remain in compliance with Federal and State laws regarding the deployment of small wireless facilities in the public rights of way.