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If you are interested in a career at Pennington Law Firm, LLC, please mail your resume with a cover letter to:

Pennington Law Firm, LLC
P.O. Box 2844
Columbia, South Carolina 29202

No phone calls, please.

What Our Team Says About Working At Pennington Law Firm

C. Olds

I like working at PLF because of the importance the firm places on family. The firm emphasizes a work-life balance that allows each employee time to spend with his/her own family, but there’s an emphasis on the fact that we at PLF are a family, as well.

B. Marks

The wireless industry is constantly growing and evolving. One of the best things about working here is being able to play a role in that growth, and to be a part of such an exciting and vibrant industry. PLF utilizes a team approach. I enjoy being able to collaborate with team members, each of whom have unique skill sets and talents, in providing solutions for our clients. We set high expectations for ourselves in helping clients accomplish their own ambitious goals and objectives. Those high expectations result in a very professional and collaborative atmosphere.

S. Hall

There are many reasons I enjoy working at PLF, but one of the reasons is that the subject matter on which we focus is so interesting. The technology is always changing, so we are given the opportunity to learn something new almost constantly.

V. Hurley

Pennington Law Firm is an energetic and motivating place to come to work each day. We get to interact daily with the very best team of coworkers and clients with a shared passion for success and innovation. Gary works hard to cultivate a supportive, challenging, and encouraging environment that makes PLF a great place to be!

A. Kersnowski

I really enjoying working at Pennington Law Firm because of the culture Gary has created. The environment we all get to work in is better than I could have ever expected when I first started. From the team work everyone is committed to, to the yummy Keurig coffee we all get to enjoy, there just isn’t a part of this place that I can say is bad. I am very blessed with the opportunity to work here!

K.G. Cantey

I like working at PLF because of the great people I get to work with every day. We are a true family!

A. Pardue

I like the people I work with; they are fun to be around and make my day interesting. We all work really well together and you can tell there is a family atmosphere in the office.

I like the challenges working with a client such as Verizon Wireless presents. It gives me an opportunity to experience how the legal side of a large corporation functions on a daily basis. Having these opportunities allow me to learn more and grow in my field as a paralegal.

K. Garrett

I love working here because I have confidence that I can grow both as a person and also professionally. I’m challenged and forced to get outside my comfort zone. I feel supported in my efforts to grow my career and never feel like I’m stuck in a “dead end” type of environment. The culture gives me a sense of value – I feel valued as an employee – that what I am doing is appreciated by those around me. The family environment gives me the security to know that I don’t have to sacrifice one area of my life for the other. It’s a great place that allows me a very valuable work life balance.

L. Smith

I like working here because we have an energetic, cooperative team that is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations. I like that we have an open-door policy with respect to training and helping each other. I like that the firm makes an effort to reward hard work and recognize those going the extra mile. I like that the firm has made an effort to place an emphasis on fitness by sponsoring athletic events reimbursing gym memberships.