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In-Building Connectivity Agreements Attorneys

Here at Pennington Law Firm, we understand the wireless communications infrastructure is undergoing a transition and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Data traffic growth and demand are causing a surge in the need for larger capacity in existing wireless networks. A critical component of meeting that demand is ensuring all commercial office buildings have state-of-the-art indoor wireless coverage and capacity from all licensed wireless carriers and for unlicensed spectrum.

Commercial office building owners and other real estate verticals must take a more aggressive approach to meet the demand to attract and keep quality tenants. Tenants have come to expect commercial buildings to have ubiquitous wireless coverage in all parts of the building, including common areas and parking garages.

Rapidly developing technology, shifting business priorities, and increased competition among wireless carriers have created a more complex environment for commercial office buildings and other real estate verticals when it comes to planning for the proper design, payment of capital costs, installation, operating expenses, and operation of an in-building wireless solution for commercial office buildings and other real estate verticals. There are now alternative technologies that can enable users to potentially build and maintain their own networks using private LTE Networks and CBRS.

With decades of experience in wireless communications and commercial real estate transactions, we are the right legal resource to help you navigate the legal space for your in-building wireless solutions in Beaufort and beyond.

Enhance Your Building's Wireless Communication Capabilities

As you consider your options for a more effective wireless communication solution, consider Pennington Law Firm. We can help you create a competitive advantage and navigate complex governmental requirements for adding and expanding wireless infrastructures.

We can advise and assist owners of commercial office buildings, large real estate verticals, as well as third-party integrators/operators in the negotiation of all related agreements for the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of neutral host multi-carrier in-building wireless systems.

The types of agreements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Agreements with Wireless Carriers for all wireless services including broadband.

  • Pro-forma or Master Lease/License Agreements between Neutral Host Third-Party Providers/Integrators and REITs with large portfolios of Class A Office Buildings or other Real Estate Verticals.

  • Pro-forma or Master Lease/License Agreements between Neutral Host Third-Party Providers/Integrators and Wireless Carriers.

  • Private LTE Deployments

  • CBRS Deployments

  • Re-Broadcast Agreements between the owners of private in-building systems and Wireless Carriers.

  • Fiber Agreements for Building Owners, Neutral Host Third-Party Providers/Integrators, or Wireless Carriers with third-party fiber providers.

  • Request for Proposals.

Pennington Law Firm has provided legal representation for in-building, DAS, and small cell deployment in or on properties of all types and sizes:

  • Class A Commercial Office Buildings

  • Professional football, baseball, hockey, and basketball arenas

  • College Stadiums and Campuses

  • Hospital Campuses

  • Speedways

  • Airports

  • Universities

  • Hotels

  • Casinos

  • Convention Centers

  • Shopping Centers

For guidance anywhere in the nation, reach out to our firm to schedule a consultation today.