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Wireless Communications Attorneys

While the attorneys at Pennington Law Firm, LLC have vast experience in various industries of law, our concentration is in wireless communications law. We strive to be the best wireless communications law firm in the United States, representing our clients with experience and professionalism.

Our primary role is to assist our clients with the efficient and timely build-out of wireless communications infrastructure. We currently assist with wireless infrastructure deployment throughout the United States. Our services to wireless communication companies include:

  • Deployment of 5G Technology

  • Mergers and Acquisitions of Wireless Companies and Assets

  • Disposition of Wireless Companies and Assets

  • Negotiation of National and Regional Master Lease Agreements

  • Drafting and Negotiating Pro Forma Agreements for All Applications

  • Development of Regional or National Leasing Policies, Processes, and Procedures

  • Project Management of Large and Small Wireless Projects

  • Amendments of Existing Agreements for Deployment of New Technology

  • Review for Compliance with Master Agreements

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Wireless Infrastructure
  • Negotiation of Agreements for:

    • Ground Space

    • Deployment of Small Wireless Facilities in the Public Rights of Way

    • Water Tanks

    • Communications Towers

    • Buildings and Rooftops

    • In-Building Systems

    • Distributed Antenna Systems, Indoor and Outdoor

    • Large Venues/Stadiums/Convention Centers

    • Airports

    • Pole Attachments

    • Retail Stores

  • Development of economic models for the deployment of DAS, Private LTE, and CBRS Technologies

  • Training of Wireless Communications Real Estate Client Teams

  • Drafting Wireless Communications Legislation at Local and State Levels

  • Research and Preparations of Zoning/Permitting Analysis for Wireless Deployment

  • Zoning/Permitting Hearings for Wireless Communications Facilities

  • Liaison with Wireless Communications Consultants to Local Governments